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Founded in 1999, our exclusive pet only pharmacy located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides veterinarians and their patients with customized medications.

Quality. Choice. Innovation.

Making Dosing Easier

We specialize in compounding medications with exciting, pet-friendly dosage forms and delicious flavors

Specialized Customer Service

Our team of veterinary-specialized pharmacists and technicians understand your pet's specific veterinary needs

Unsurpassed Quality

Rest assured your pet's medications are made with the highest-quality standards

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The medication you need is not produced commercially.
  • To tailor the dosage of your medication.
  • To provide an altered method of chemical delivery.
  • To avoid allergies to ingredients found in non-compounded drugs.

Yes. We do everything a basic pharmacy does and more!

First, your veterinarian must prescribe it to you and either write you a prescription or call our pharmacy; then you can place an order with us.


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Are y’all for real? Just opened my first order for our sweet Dixie and was surprised to find two toys for our girl. Seriously, this is pretty special. Dixie says she’ll be happy to share her new toys with her brothers and sister. And thank you for super-fast processing and shipping.

Janet K.

Facebook Commenter
Thank you for always going the extra mile! My boy, Tycho, doesn't really care about the medicine but sure loves the toys and crinkly shipping paper.

Angela Paul

Green Bay, WI
I talked with your staff on the phone twice and both times I came away with all my questions answered. Your prices were good and most importantly, my dog likes the flavor of her medication. She liked the toy you sent her also.

Greg K.


for active duty military families on our compounds when
ordered through military veterinary facilities


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